Easy Ways to Get Tons of Free Stuff

35 Ways To Get Free Stuff

Dumpster Diving – While dumpster diving is quite controversial, it is becoming a favorite past-time of vagabonds and treasure seekers alike.  According to dumpster aficionados you should visit businesses at night and dress for a mess.   Don’t forget your flashlights and bags to put your loot in.  Some businesses toss slightly damaged and easily fixed products.  The legality of this practice is still in question and while trash may be public property, dumpsters they are put in may not be.  Proceed at your own risk.

Navy Dumpster DivingCurbside Shopping – While similar to dumpster diving, roadside shopping is usually cleaner and more legal. If you are worried about being seen, go at night. Learn which day is trash pickup day. Determine which district in your area is upper-class.

Auction Pile – Go to local auctions, many times the stuff that doesn’t sell goes on a pile and the pile gets auctioned off at the end (usually 1 or 2 dollars). Pay attention to what others buy, usually people only want a specific item in the box of stuff they got. Ask them for the rest of it.

Casinos – Will sometimes offer free money,food, beverages, and entertainment, for playing their machines.  Take along a wealthy friend, they will feel sorry for you and offer you a bit of cash.  Make sure you let him know you cannot afford to pay him back (unless you win).

Get Married –  In addition to the gifts you receive from friends and family, newlyweds can get free meals, and gift baskets at hotels. Don’t be afraid to flaunt it and see what you get.

Classified Ads – Classified ads in the paper will sometimes offer great freebies that people do not want to toss.  Pin-up boards around the town sometimes offer free stuff, check the laundromat and local businesses.

Celebrate Birthdays – On your birthday(s) there are so many things you can get free, you might even pretend you have multiple birthdays. Casinos give away freebies often, as do restaurants.

Detecting Metal – Start using a metal detector start with sandy places such as beaches at night after everyone is done swimming. Parks are a good place to look as people do many different activities and sports there.  When the fair leaves town check under where the rides were people were knocked around a bit.

Collecting Scrap – One way to get cash for free is to collect scrap materials.  Copper, Aluminum, Paper… watch the market and determine what is valuable.  Copper is up right now, paper is down.  Aluminum cans average about 70 cents per pound and there are 32 cans per pound.   Don’t melt them at home, crush them maybe. Where to get it?  —  Ask businesses (act professional, have a business card)

Where to take it?  — Look in phone book under “Scrap metal” or “Recycling”

Collections – Start collections often, people like to contribute, make them aware of what you are doing. Once everyone contributed, start a new one. Don’t forget to ask relatives for their stuff and sometimes you might hit a jackpot and get someones old collection. If you have kids start collections for them, people will donate stuff to kids more willingly. Show interest in collections other people have, they may want to start you out.

Contact Companies – While contacting companies may feel like a freebie lottery, winning is great. First determine which companies you think might give out freebies, try large companies that can afford them. You might try commending them, let them know you are thrilled with the products. If you are going to call to complain don’t be upset, let them know what you experienced and that you are calling to “help them take care of their customers better”.

Win Stuff – While signing up for sweepstakes online is the easiest way, you usually have thousands or even hundreds of thousands of people who think the same thing. Many sites post current online contests that you can win instantly.  However, If you don’t want to be just a number, try looking at product packaging. Most contests don’t require a purchase to win, read the box in the grocery store and write down the directions to obtain your free entry. If you are looking for local contests check businesses around the holidays.

Go Live – Radio contests are usually about the same time daily, the prizes are usually small such as a CD, but can be large as tickets to some events. Make sure you know the radio station number ahead of time and the call letters. Write down the phone number and determine if the show is live or recorded.

Freebie Websites – Freebie Websites might be the easiest way to get freebies. Just choose what you want, put in your address and wait for it to show up in your mailbox. Obviously FreebiePanda.com is the easiest by far. Just watch the freebies flow in.

Plastic – The issue with credit card rewards are you have to be good with your money. Use the card for everything, but pay it off often. People tend to get carried away when they get cards as they don’t see the money going.

Fishing Lures – Fishing lures seem to be lost way too often, and many are worth money.  If your lucky enough to find old ones be sure to check its value as an antique.  Watch for fishing line hanging from the trees, and follow it to the end to take the lure.  If the water is low or they opened a dam be sure to get out there before anyone else does, don’t forget to wear your boots.

Garage Sales – Garage sales can yield a ton of freebies. Most people who hold garage sales just want to get rid of their stuff without having to toss it. If you decide to buy something when you are there, ask them if they will throw in some other items for free. Always check for a freebie box and if you go on the last day of the sale, the freebie box may be full.

Business – Do you own your own business? Getting freebies just got easier, many manufacturers want to let businesses sample their products.  Check your local manufacturers or research online.  If you have a blog, a twitter account or use facebook, you have a business as a product reviewer.

Magazine Subscriptions – You can get free subscriptions to many magazines.  There are many trade magazines. Even if you don’t own a business you can sign up.

Be A Fan – Register yourself on websites of businesses, many will give away free stuff for just that, others will give free stuff if you ask for it.  Many of the “freebie” websites index these websites.

Share Your Thoughts – There are many places that offer cash or products for quality feedback, and many of them are online. You could take surveys, play mystery shopper or test products. Google for any of those terms and give it a try.

Moving Buddy – When you help people move they tend to want to give you stuff. You could make out big. You could go help random people that have Uhauls in front of their house but they might think you are weird.

In Store Samples –Start by determining what stores offer sampling and on what days. Some popular sampling stores are Costco, Cub Foods, Krogers and Trader Joes. You may just ask someone when and if they do sampling. Usually they sample during lunch and dinner hours on Fridays and Saturdays. If this is your only food for the day, you might think about making two trips around. For best results combine flavors from multiple samplings.

Vacation Planning –   Vacation planning is a smart way to get freebies, cities and states want you to visit.  Contact businesses and attractions for information and free packets these packets usually contain maps, and sometimes merchandise.

Trade Shows – Trade Shows give so many freebies that you may need to solicit your relatives to assist you. There are free trade shows, start there. Go on the first day and get the items that are most popular, go on the last day and get left over items. Spend time at the booths, many have freebies that they only give out if you seem interested.

Go For A Test Drive – Watch for fliers in the paper, on tv or on the radio.  Dealerships want you to test drive their vehicles and will many times give away things just for test driving.  Don’t make it obvious the reason your there, test drive a couple.  If you like the freebie you can ask for one for your friend.

Store Grand Openings – When new stores open, vendors offer freebies and they try to make it a big event. You can get full size products, t-shirts, and food. There may be so many people that taking a few trips through could prove worthy.

Think Local – There are websites that allow you to find freebies in your local area, this will limit the amount of people who want it and you may end up with a spectacular find.

Fairs – Go to every fair, stop at every table, visit every tent. Ask the vendors to send you free stuff.

Sports – Golf balls can be found near and on golf courses. You can find hundreds of these in a day and sell them (or use them). If you are willing to snorkel in the stagnant ponds you could find even more. There are other sports that people leave stuff behind, such as Frisbee Golf and Fishing.

Rebates – There are many things you can get free after rebate. Try office max and circuit city. The problem arises when you forget to send in for your rebate, or you lose the receipt. This takes discipline but can be worth it.

Museums – Many museums and other attractions have free admission weeks.  Some of these sponsored by local businesses.  Visit museum or city websites or give them a call for details.

Online Media – Free TV, Free Music, Free Wallpaper, Free Books, Free Fonts, Free Graphics, Free Internet Access, Free Blogs, Free Recipes. These are just some of the free media you can access online.  Type any of those terms into your favorite search engine.

Welcome Centers – Information centers are everywhere you go, they offer everything from free maps, samples, food.  Spend time there and stop in every time you are in the area.  If there is an attendant don’t be afraid to ask for free events, products, and tours.

Just Ask – It never hurts to bug people about getting free stuff. Family, friends, elders. Try asking grandma if she has a ton of stuff in her attic, if she would like help cleaning it or selling it. If you are looking for a specific item, ask as many people as possible, they might end up finding one if they don’t have one.