About Freebie Panda

Why should i spend my time looking for free samples?


Sometimes people ask me why I keep building this website and add freebies everyday? They know that I am a really busy person and I sometimes work seven days a week. So I am writing this blog entry to explain my inner motivation do create and update this website.


One day I was just really bored and I was surfing the net just reading news stories and chatting with my friends about it. And I found a website which offered a lot of free samples. I remember thinking that there are no such thing as “no charge” in our society, so I searched for an explanation online because I was interested in how can anybody give you stuff absolutely free. And I found an explanation (if you are interested you can read my other article on ”why they are giving free samples away” by clicking here . After I realized the truth I also eliminate a fear of ordering something online, so I went to a couple of websites and ordered a couple of items in which I was interested. After two weeks of waiting I did not get any of the goods. To make it worse I even got my mailbox spammed to death. It was a really sad experience but I decided to keep my chin up and try again! So I went to a couple of other websites and tried using their offers – and what do you think? They came to my mailbox only after a week! I really got obsessed by all this “freebie” thing so I decided to create a website about my little hobby.


When I just started ordering free examples I noticed that there are a lot of fake offers available on the net, so I decided to check them all and create a website to inform people only about working one s. All your emails that you send me with those thankful messages really motivates me to keep doing this job. To be honest with you I did not expect to get such attention from all of you guys and I feel really happy about it, it also makes me work harder and search for new goods everyday. If you find it hard to understand what I am talking about check this article on wikipedia.


10 years on, our team has grown from one guy with a laptop to a dedicated team. But, as I always say, ‘this is just the beginning.’ We hope you join us! Follow us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or sign up for our monthly newsletter to receive updates about freebies and free samples!

Alex Greenwood
Freebie Panda Project Founder