Free Pixicade Pets from Tryazon

Pixicade is a software allowing kids draw and play with pets, take care of them and build houses and everything their furry friends need. Tryazon will give away 500 Free Pixicade Pets Sets to have … Get FREE

Free Top Trumps Card Games from Tryazon

Top Trumps provides themed card packs allowing to play and learn in a fun and dynamic way helping kids improve their reading, mathematical and other skills. Tryazon will pick 100 educators including librarians, Spanish teachers, … Get FREE

Free Tapple Game from Tryazon

The Op came up with a modified version of Tapple, a word game that kids can play to learn and have fun. Tryazon is seeking 150 hosts to participate in the campaign. Apply by July … Get FREE

Free Five Crowns and Farkle Games from Tryazon

PlayMonster’s Five Crowns is a board game for everyone including children aged 8 and older. Farkle is another kind of game that is based on dice rolling to get more points. Tryazon has 250 spots … Get FREE

Free Keys and Kingdoms Bundle from Tryazon

Keys & Kingdoms is an educational game utilizing a new approach to teaching piano to kids. Designed for 6-15-year-olds, it provides a number of activities to play and develop skills. Tryazon has 50 spots for … Get FREE

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BioLegend posted a survey for anyone, who uses their products or just thinking about purchasing them, to complete to receive a Free Puzzle if you’re among the first 300 respondents. An institutional e-mail or address … Get FREE

Free For the King PC Game

Epic Games made For the King Game available for free. It’s a strategy and adventure with lands to explore, a lasting sequence of events, new items to collect during the game and in between playthroughs. … Get FREE

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Explore the mysteries of a 700-year-old Galactic Empire that ceased to exist, navigate your space fleet to rediscover the technology that humanity needs. It’s a new giveaway from Epic Games, click on “View offers” and … Get FREE